Schedule of Construction Stage Payments

1st Payment 15% deposit for the completion of the project, topographical works and construction license
2nd Payment 30% for excavations and reinforced concrete works
3rd Payment 25% for walls, floors, hydraulic and electrical installations
4th Payment 20% for doors, windows, painting, kitchen, bathrooms, development of the external surrounding area etc
5th Payment 10% hand over of keys

The above payments include the cost of the Social Security Foundation for the working days that will result according to the construction license taxes.

The company is obligated to contract a private agreement that will describe in detail the materials which are going to be used for the construction.


No project is too large or too small for us. Our unique combination of experience, knowledge, co-operation with real estate agents, lawyers, as well as with local and international contractors and skilled civil engineers, results in a wide range of services and high standard projects.

Also, by working closely with our clients, from pre-construction to handover of every project, we endeavor to satisfy customer requirements, which is the most difficult part to achieve. One other benefit of our company is that the ‘collaboration’ with our clients does not stop with the completion of the construction. It continues after that, helping them, whenever they really need our help or advice.

At our company, we firmly pride ourselves in our ability to provide and constantly improve our objective of a friendly and trustful relationship with our clients, which is the key for a successful project.

The success of a project is measured in lots of ways. For us it ultimately comes down to client satisfaction