How we work

At Helt Builders we carefully examine and analyze your specifications and propose a wide range of architectural designs according to your needs. We are able to help you decide between varieties of proposals and suggest creative as well as functional solutions. We make the selection of architectural design a simple, efficient and quickly procedure. Until the completion of the project there is ‘tight supervision’ at all stages of the construction. We provide regular progress reports, attached with photographs, for each phase of the construction. By working this way we manage to construct safe, functional and environmental friendly villas. For each of our project we use high quality materials and provide a two year guarantee.

Service and Quality

We aim to meet customers expectations on the quality of both, materials and services supplied.
Our years of experience on building exclusive villas ensure the continuity of high standards of service, so that the level of quality expected by our clients is not compromised.

We are totally focused on our clients needs and expectations. our company strive to constantly maintain and improve customers satisfaction by providing the very highest standard of quality and service to all our projects.

Our company besides the construction part, through our collaborators, is able to provide a wide range of services.


The services we are able to provide are listed below:

1. In collaboration with our real estate agents can help you to choose the most appropriate land that best matches your needs and specifications taking into consideration the size, location and budget.

2. For a simple and trouble-free purchase procedure we co-operate with reputable lawyers able to explain the legal aspects of your investment so as to protect your interests, throughout the purchase proceedings.

3. Our notary partners are able to provide you legal coverage and assist you to avoid all the necessary paperwork.

We never limit ourselves to the type of project we undertake, ensuring that we contribute and deliver the maximum service demanded, but still remain competitive and always ahead of our rivals in terms of professionalism.