Styling Up Your Kitchen Counters with Formica Sheets

Why Use Formica Sheets?

The exterior and interior decoration market has countless options for your counters. For one of them to stand out takes rare qualities, something Formica sheets have in abundance. For a long time now, Formica sheets have been the number one choice for both domestic and commercial setups. This can be attributed to the many advantages they provide. Here are some of the reasons you ought to consider them for your kitchen counters:

• Cost-efficiency: Everyone desires their kitchen to look good, but not everyone can cope with the high prices of natural surfaces such as granite, marble and slate. Laminate sheets provide the perfect substitute for such natural materials, by imitating all their good aspects, and even adding other benefits. Despite this, Formica sheets are way more affordable.
• Strength and resilience: A big advantage of Formica sheets is that they are built exceedingly tough. Unlike their natural counterparts, they are cut out to withstand intense wear and tear. In addition, the sheets are also resistant to heat. This makes them extremely durable.
• Little maintenance: If you need your kitchen countertops to look great without having to spend countless hours in maintenance, these are the products for you. Unlike wood and natural stones, they are easy to clean as they are impervious to oil stains. Surprisingly, you will never get to hear of a broken Formica sheet.

Installing Formica Sheets

If you thought the amazing advantages are all these sheets have to offer, think again. Their easy installation provides you with a quick fix to your counters functionality and looks. The biggest challenge you will face is perhaps cutting the laminate sheets into the correct sizes. Once you have bought Formica sheets, the below guidelines are all you need to give your countertops a great transformation:

1. Measure the length and width of your counters. Remember to leave a one-inch allowance for purposes of trimming.
2. Place the sheets on any flat surface and cut the right sizes using a circular saw.
3. In preparation for installation, sand and dust the surface of each Formica sheet for smoothness.
4. Use a paintbrush to evenly apply contact cement on the smoothened surfaces of your Formica sheets.
5. Place dowel rods 12 apart on your counter to help in positioning the sheets correctly. Place your sheets on top of the rods and set them to the right position.
6. Remove the rods, one at a time, and press your sheets so they can adhere to the counter.
Remember to keep the contact cement far from the sheets until you are ready to install. When the cement comes into contact with Formica sheets, it can be very tricky to remove.


Formica sheets are available in very many variations. This is to make certain that everybody can find the perfect match for them. However, this could also create a welcome selection headache when going to make purchases. To ensure you always get the right sheets, here are the things to consider:

• Color: Formica sheets are manufactured in different colors to suit different tastes. Always ensure you pick a color that will not contrast your kitchens decor so much. Remember that very bright colors need more cleaning attention.
• Texture: The sheets also come in different textures. Your decision here will be motivated by the use of the sheets, and your personal preferences.
• Thickness: Ensure the Formica sheets you buy are just thick enough to protect your counters.